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Gladwyne Animal Hospital Fear Free
Gladwyne Animal Hospital is the first hospital on the Main Line to adopt a Fear Free (SM) Hospital mission. Fear Free (SM) is a movement in the veterinary field that prioritizes the emotional welfare of veterinary patients, pet owners and the veterinary health care team. Fear Free certified veterinary teams are trained to recognize Fear, Anxiety and Stress (FAS) in patients to avoid uncomfortable experiences for pets and their owner, aspire to positive veterinary visits and provide higher quality veterinary medicine.

Two concepts that are very important for avoiding FAS and practicing Fear Free medicine are: (1) Considerate Approach; and (2) Gentle Control.

       Considerate Approach is the respectful and positive interaction between the pet, pet owner and veterinary team while providing veterinary care.

       Gentle Control is the care that the veterinary team safely and comfortably provides while working with your pet.

In addition to this more conscientious approach, understanding how cats and dogs communicate FAS and striving for good communication between pet owners and the veterinary team are essential for a Fear Free experience. Please see our Fear Free Handouts to better recognize signs of FAS in our pets. We can work together to improve veterinary visit success by discussing any concerns that you may have about your pet's behavior, better tailoring physical examinations to your individual pet and upholding Fear Free(SM) Concepts.
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