Practice Updates

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Practice Updates

Stay informed with the latest practice updates from Gladwyne Animal Hospital. From new services to advanced technologies, we continuously strive to provide exceptional care and enhance the well-being of your beloved pets.

Update on Infectious Respiratory Disease in Dogs 

You may have heard some news stories about outbreaks of a severe respiratory infection in dogs in several states. We have been in close contact with our colleagues at Penn Vet, Metropolitan Veterinary Associates and neighboring primary care practices to monitor cases that may be occurring in our area.  

Respiratory conditions in dogs are collectively classified as CIRDC, which stands for Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex.  Often, we are unable to identify the infectious organism, there is more than one infectious agent at play, or unique qualities about a dog such as age, breed, or other concurrent health conditions increase the risk for symptoms and complications when dogs are exposed to infectious organisms. Testing for infectious organisms in affected dogs can help us to identify more serious outbreaks in our area more quickly.  

We tend to see more cases of CIRDC during certain times of the year when boarding and traveling peak. The Winter Holidays through President’s Day travel is historically a very active CIRDC season. 

While there does not seem to be an unusually high number of cases in our patient population at this time, there have been reports of some dogs in our area experiencing more severe symptoms and complications compared to what would be expected for a typical case of “kennel cough”.  The organism responsible for the severe cases has not been identified yet. 

Here are some things that we do know and that we do recommend: 

  1. Cases may spread quickly in a communal environment. Respiratory diseases spread through direct dog-to-dog contact and indirectly via respiratory droplets from coughing, sneezing, or contamination of shared surfaces. Therefore, owners of dogs that go to day care, dog training classes, dog parks, shelters, and boarding/grooming facilities should be mindful of the potential for disease transmission in areas where dogs are in close contact. In addition, owners should remain informed about any cases of respiratory disease in these locations. 
  2. Get in touch with us. If your dog is experiencing respiratory signs, including coughing, sneezing, ocular/nasal discharge, fever, and decreased appetite, we suggest you consult with one of our staff members who will help you to decide if you should see one of our veterinarians. It is especially important to contact us if your dog’s symptoms are progressing rapidly. Keep your dog isolated from other dogs to minimize the spread, especially as the details of this disease continue to emerge. 
  3. Get your dog vaccinated. Owners should be sure their dogs are up to date with vaccinations, including those that protect against Bordetella, Adenovirus 2, Parainfluenza, and the influenza H3N2 vaccine. Please avoid bringing a dog into the community until the immune system has had time to build immunity (approximately two weeks after vaccination). If owners have immunocompromised dogs (e.g., puppies that are not fully vaccinated and senior dogs with other health problems), they should be cautious about bringing them around other dogs. 
  4. Consider getting diagnostics done early. Because we don’t yet know the cause of the disease, it might be a good idea to get diagnostic testing done when the symptoms first arise, before starting therapy. That’s because once treatment begins and the immune response kicks in, diagnostic tests (e.g., PCR, airway culture, viral isolation) may not be able to detect the virus or bacterium that caused the symptoms. 
  5. Stay outside the hospital until you are called in. If you are arriving for an appointment for signs related to a possible case of CIRDC, please call from outside or come in without your dog to announce your arrival. We will bring you inside and outside through an entrance that avoids contact with other patients to keep everyone safe.  

          Fall 2023 Updates

          Red October is over, and we remember what we learned from our beloved Phillies as we turn to our 7-1 Philadelphia Eagles as our team role models. We pick ourselves and each other up each day, swinging at pitches, knowing that every effort is meaningful. We execute the Brotherly Shove like our unstoppable Eagles, although our quarterback changes depending on the situation. We are a team dedicated to our community.

          Speaking of our team, we have some new talent. Morgan Tancredi, CVT, is our newest Certified Veterinary Technician. She was raised right here on the Main Line, and after a career in marketing, she decided that her true calling was veterinary medicine and earned a degree in Veterinary Nursing at Harcum College. You will find her working alongside our doctors and can rely on her warmth and skill. Jordyn Spolar and Victoria Modesto are students in the nursing program at Harcum College, and we are thrilled to have them on our team leading up to their clinical rotations at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

          On the drug bench, we are excited to announce a new FDA-approved treatment for dogs suffering from arthritis pain and are privileged to be one of the first animal hospitals on the East Coast with access to it. To say that we have been impressed by the results our patients have experienced so far would be an understatement. The drug is called Librela, and it is a safe and effective monthly injection. Read more about it here, and if you think that your pet would benefit from this, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to discuss it with one of our doctors.

          Finally, stop by our village neighbor McCaffrey’s Market, it is lovely, and their team is fabulous; it certainly seems like they also take their cues from our beloved Phillies and Eagles!

          Enjoy fall and the approach of the Holiday Season, knowing that we are here for you and your pets whenever you need us.

          SUMMER 2023

          Lots of exciting things have been happening at GAH since our last update. New doctors, new tech team members, new online scheduling access, and soon a new grocery store across the street!

          Dr. Sarah Katznelson joined our team on July 10, and you or somebody in your family might already know her! Born and raised in Gladwyne, Sarah attended Friends Central, Emory University, and then finally graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine this year. We are so excited to welcome her. Having new veterinarians on our team is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date and engaged in the profession. We love learning from recent graduates as well as drawing on our collective experience to teach and mentor. New veterinarians joining our team help us to provide the best possible care for our patients. Join us in welcoming Dr. Katznelson!

          Because we have expanded our physical space with our second location in Bryn Mawr, we have been able to welcome specialists Dr. Albert Lynch, DACVS, and Dr. Renee Simpler, DACVR. Dr. Lynch is a Board-Certified Surgeon performing orthopedic procedures on a mobile outpatient basis, and Dr. Simpler is a Board-Certified Radiologist performing diagnostic imaging services outside the scope of our care. These services have proved to be an amazing resource for our clients and patients, allowing for much more prompt and comfortable access in many situations to experts in the veterinary field.

          You will see fresh faces in the office to support our team of doctors. Both local to the main line, Meg Callis and Liz Fitzpatrick are the newest members of our technician and support team. It is also often possible to see any of Dr. Sutor’s children in and around the office doing any helpful tasks. Let us know if you see some weeds that need to be pulled in the yard, they are pros at that!

          Many of you have already taken advantage of our online scheduler. You can now book your own appointments at any time of the day or night right from our website, your Pet Desk App, or our Instagram page. As always, if you have an emergency, call our office and let us know, don’t try to book online for emergencies!

          Lastly, soon you won’t have to look at a chained off empty parking lot with a dilapidated closed ACME store across the street! We are thrilled to welcome our new Gladwyne Village neighbor, McCaffrey’s Market.

          FEBRUARY 2023

          We are all in great spirits with only 5 days to go until Superbowl Sunday! We hope that this newsletter finds you in great spirits also. We have a few reminders and a few new things to share:

          First and most exciting, is the arrival of Dr. Ross’ twin boys. Logan Jack Root and Oliver Jay Root arrived on January 13th, and the whole family is doing well at home. We all miss Taylor tremendously and look forward to easing her back into the office when she is ready. We are grateful for all your well wishes and congratulations and happy to share them with Taylor and her family.

          Our Bryn Mawr Surgery and Dental Center has been up and running since September 7th. If your pet has had a procedure of any type, we hope that you loved your experience there. We are immensely proud of it and are happy to show it off to you when you are there. We have been seeing some appointments there as well. If you schedule surgery or dental procedures, your drop off and pick up will ALWAYS be at 234 South Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 100, Bryn Mawr. If you have an appointment, you may be scheduled there. You will always be notified of the location of your appointment at the time of scheduling, but if you have any questions, please just call or text to ask us and we will confirm the location of your appointment. Most appointments that are scheduled in advance are at the original Gladwyne office. Most same day appointments will be sent to Bryn Mawr. It is easy to find, just cross over Haverford Road after the Bryn Mawr Hospital Emergency Room, pass the Wawa and we are on the right in a brick medical building.

          If you want a credit card stored on file for your convenience, we can do that securely ONLY if you present your card in person. If your card was stored before June 2022, it has been removed for your safety. We are not able to store the card by having you read the numbers over the phone. We ask for all payments to be made at the time of service. We cannot put products including food outside for afterhours pick up unless you have a valid card on file.

          We are thrilled to announce that we are working with a Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeon at our Bryn Mawr office. We can offer orthopedic surgeries on an outpatient basis as an alternative to sending you to our referral partners such as Metropolitan and Penn in some cases. Learn more about this partnership with Dr. Albert Lynch by exploring his website HERE.

          Lastly, we are so excited about the Superbowl that we will be opening late on Monday, February 13th so that our team can enjoy the game with friends and arrive at work bright eyed and bushy tailed at 10 AM. Fingers crossed- be prepared for us to close on Parade Day so that we can join all our fellow Birds Fans for a citywide celebration.


          Gladwyne Animal Hospital


          We worked hard for what feels like forever to find a way to increase our space, finally settling on finding and leasing space nearby to create a state of the art surgical and dental center. We are moving all of our procedures to this new location at 234 S. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 100 right across from the Wawa at the corner of Haverford Road and Bryn Mawr Avenue starting on Tuesday, September 6!

          If you have a procedure scheduled on September 6th or after, you will be asked to arrive at 234 S. Bryn Mawr Avenue, NOT our original location at 1014 Youngsford Road. The original location will remain fully open for appointments as usual.

          Why is this going to be better for everyone you ask?

          1. Dedicated spaces for surgery, dentistry, procedures and radiology increase efficiency and therefore reduce time for patients spent under anesthesia as well as reducing the risk of surgical complications, especially infections.
          2. Less chaos at check in and discharge since there will not be other patients checking in for appointments at the same time.
          3. Less delay in scheduling since we can handle more cases per day.
          4. Fewer distractions for surgeons and surgical technicians from ringing phones.
          5. For medical patients at “OG Gladwyne” there will be less stress resulting from noises associated with surgery or multiple animals in the kennel.
          6. There will be flexiblity for clients needing to be seen urgently because of the free space this creates.

          We cannot wait to show off this space to you.

          SUMMER 2022

          We will be closed on Saturdays from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

          There are new faces in the office, several students are working for the summer and onward. Join us in welcoming Liz Fitzpatrick (St. Joseph’s University), Lily Selkow (University of Wisconsin), Rachel Gerzevske (Penn State University) and Carly Pierson (Harriton High School)

          We have a new space under construction near Bryn Mawr Hospital at 234 S. Bryn Mawr Avenue. We plan to use this space for our outpatient surgical and dental procedures and overflow appointments as soon as it is open. The anticipated opening is before the end of the summer, and we cannot wait to show it off!

          NOVEMBER 2021

          Holly Helps Foundation Announcement

          We are excited to announce that Dr. Sutor has created a nonprofit corporation called the Holly Helps Foundation. The name, inspired by Dr. Sutor’s yellow Labrador Retriever Holly, suggests that having a pet is more than just something to love, they can help to remind you of how important you are. They can be the reason that you get up and go each and every day. Knowing that, and inspired by Mercer Clinic for the Pets of the Homeless in Sacramento, Dr. Sutor wanted to create a charity through which she and her Team and Gladwyne Animal Hospital could do something a little different than many animal rescue and shelter organizations. The mission of Holly Helps is to provide veterinary services to pets owned by people experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. Through this, we hope to allow an owner to keep their beloved pet safe and healthy rather than abandoned or removed.

          Our first projects were free vaccine clinics last spring. We partnered with St. Joseph’s Preparatory School in Philadelphia. With the Mission and Ministry department, we created a monthly event called Prep for Paws where students at The Prep worked with Dr. Sutor, Dr. Ross, and technicians Colleen Corson and Brittany Benedetti to provide vaccinations, examinations and free pet food to the surrounding neighborhood. Jess Kargulewicz leveraged her relationships with Zoetis Animal Health and Purina who so generously provided the vaccines and food free of charge.

          The Prep for Paws clinics were a great start on our pathway to partner with Project HOME. Together with several members of their team, we have created a relationship where we provide free clinics or help coordinate hospital care at other facilities on an as needed basis for any pets living in the residences. Part of Holly Helps partnership involves riding with Project HOME outreach members to encourage people experiencing homelessness with pets to enter one of the pet friendly facilities and to assure them that they will be able to keep their pet.

          We are still waiting for our 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. Once this is approved we will let you know how you can help if you are interested!

          AUGUST 2021

          We are excited to announce Urgent Care After Hours availability beginning Monday, August 16!

          As many of you know, veterinary offices are experiencing fully-booked appointment schedules. These packed schedules can result in a lack of urgent care availability during office hours. As a result, emergency rooms are experiencing long waits. In an effort to address these issues Dr. Krell will be offering first-come, first-served urgent care appointments from 7:30 PM until 10:30 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights.

          You may be directed to use this option if you call during the day when our schedule has already filled. You may be directed to our urgent care if you call after hours on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. A member of our team will be taking your calls and may direct you to come into the office.

          We are also offering a more robust Housecall schedule. Ask about a Housecall if that is convenient or desirable for you. We are equipped to handle a large variety of cases on a Housecall. If our staff feels a Housecall will not serve your situation, they will let you know.

          Drop-off appointments continue to be available.

          We want to remind you that masks are required in our office at this time regardless of vaccination status.

          JULY 2021

          We hope this July update finds you, our clients, enjoying some of the typical summer activities that you might’ve missed out on last year. We have a lot of news to share, including introducing new doctors here at GAH and Dr. Katie Springer’s move to Havertown Animal Hospital.

          As you may already know, Drs. Lew and Katie Springer, in partnership with Dr. Sutor, have opened their own practice, Havertown Animal Hospital. Dr. Katie will be tapering her work here at GAH over the next 8 weeks and, after Labor Day, both Dr. Springers will no longer work with us at GAH. To fill their shoes, we are lucky and proud to announce that we have recruited two excellent veterinarians: Drs. Shannon Lenahan and Gina Chambers. Dr. Lenahan is already available for appointments, and Dr. Chambers will start seeing patients here on August 16th. The Dr. Springers worked part-time and the addition of two full-time doctors should help to increase our appointment availability.

          We hope that you will show our new doctors what a great choice they made by joining our team. We boasted to them that we have the most wonderful pet parents and are part of the fabric of our Lower Merion community. While veterinarians and veterinary staff have a habit of burning the candle at both ends, to begin with, the workload that we have faced during the pandemic has been completely overwhelming. As a result of this, many hospitals have faced staff burn-out and have even lost employees to other fields altogether. We are so lucky. We have the same dedicated and incredible staff we entered the pandemic with. We have been able to hire several new employees despite a nationwide veterinarian and veterinary technician shortage.

          We kindly ask you to please be patient and understanding with us when we simply have no more staff or rooms in our small building to offer you an appointment every time it is needed. We ask you to trust us when we say that there is nothing we want more than to say “yes” to your appointment requests, but our appointment request load continues to be overwhelming. Our knowledgeable team of staff in concert with our doctors will make every effort to give you the best possible solution or advice if we cannot accommodate an appointment. We have the very best intentions to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible. We know that you have the very best intentions in caring for your pets. Let’s continue to partner together to meet our goals.

          Click here to read more about the effects of the pandemic on the veterinary industry.

          MAY 2021

          We are preparing to safely welcome you back inside Gladwyne Animal Hospital! We intend to follow the CDC guidelines beginning on June 1. On that date, you will be able to come inside to check-in and be present for your pet’s appointment. Because we may interact with unvaccinated members of the community or our families, all hospital staff will remain masked. We ask that you continue to wear your mask when entering the building.

          If you would prefer to remain outside for any reason, we will be glad to accommodate you. Just as we have for the last fifteen months, we can follow the protocols of bringing your pet inside and communicating with you either on the phone or face-to-face, outside.

          We expect our new protocols to look something like this:

          • Upon arrival, feel free to come inside to check in or continue to send a text to let us know that you have arrived and would prefer to do curbside check-in.
          • After you have checked in, we will ask that you wait outside if the exam room is not ready.
          • While you are present inside the office for your pet’s examination, we will ask that you remain seated or standing in the designated exam room space unless you are asked to help handle your pet.
          • You will check out in person at the reception area. There you will have the opportunity to collect any medications or foods and schedule your follow-up appointments.

          We are so excited to have our staff see you and your pets inside!

          JANUARY 2021

          We are so pleased and proud to announce the plans for a new animal hospital to serve the community and surrounding neighbors of Havertown. Drs. Lew and Katie Springer will be the majority owners and operators of Havertown Animal Hospital at 117 N. Eagle Roain affiliation with Dr. Sutor. You will still be able to see the Drs. Springer at Gladwyne through 2021, and we will be sure to announce as soon as appointments at Havertown are made available in the spring of 2021. Through this partnership, we will be able to provide you access to appointments in this new space by preference or when appointments at Gladwyne are fully booked, and rest assured you will receive the same personal care and attention you are accustomed to at Gladwyne. We aim to make sure that at Havertown, you will be treated “like family”. Please join our team at Gladwyne in wishing Drs. Lew and Katie Springer all the best as they take this incredible step in owning a small business that will feed their soul through serving a most deserving community. 

          MAY 2020

          This spring has certainly thrown a curveball to everyone, especially here in Montgomery County and in our community of Lower Merion. We are extremely proud of how our community has responded, and we are especially grateful to be able to still take care of our furry family members even if it is on a more limited basisWe have had to reduce the number of staff members in the office at one time not only to comply with Governor Wolf’s recommendations but because we hold the health and safekeeping of our team and clients just as high as we hold the health and safekeeping of the pets that we are caring for.  

          You may have already experienced our curbside drop off and pick up. During your appointment, while you wait in your car, our team will care for your pet just as we always have. We will communicate with you on the phone to gather details and relay the findings and advice before we wash our hands one more time and bring your pet safely back out to you. We have been wearing masks at work the whole time and ask you to wear a mask during the exchange of your pet as well. Inside, we have developed new protocols like restricting staff to one computer as much as possible, moving our workstations apart, taking the temperatures of every staff member every day, and using a weekly deep clean anti-viral fogger every Sunday all over the hospital. We continue to clean all surfaces between every pet’s exam, just like we always have.  

          To try and keep up with the need to help our clients, we have started offering more telemedicine consultations than ever before. Many problems can be evaluated this way, thereby keeping you safe at home while putting to work one of our doctors who is not able to be in the building because of the restriction on the number of staff allowed. While we have had a robust online pharmacy for over 2 years, we have begun sending discount codes to you for savings so that you might get your prescription foods or medications delivered right to your door from us. As always, you can pick your food or medications up from our front porch by calling, texting, emailing, or using your PetDesk app to make your request. We will notify you when it is ready and you can pay over the phone.  

          This week, we enabled two-way texting.  You can now text us at our usual number: 610-642-3102. We thought that this would be a great way to avoid having our phone lines tied up and make it easier for you to get through when you really need to call and talk. We also thought that this would be a quick and easy way for you to let us know that you have arrived for your appointment.  It probably goes without saying… NEVER use text if you have an emergency! Call us for answers to urgent concerns.   

          We have made a change with how we deal with online pharmacies. It has always been a very time-consuming endeavor to manage their requests for approval. In many cases, our staff sits on hold for up to 20 to 30 minutes at a time just to accomplish an approval. Some online pharmacies do not accept emailed approvals or do not have the software necessary to allow for us to send electronic prescriptions. Effective immediately, if you want to use any online pharmacy other than ours (which integrates directly with our practice software so there is no “approval” hurdle)you will need to pick up your written and signed prescription so that you can provide that to the pharmacy of your choice. We are happy to provide any prescriptions that you might need during your appointments. You will also be able to pick up a written prescription if you need one for some reason between appointments for an approved medication If you choose an online pharmacy that is not ours, I caution you to be certain that you are using an accredited pharmacy. Many veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers will only guarantee their products when obtained from a veterinarian or veterinarian’s online store. Orders placed on our website through Purina Vet Direct for Purina diets or our online pharmacy Vetsource. No approval is needed since it interfaces directly with our secure medical record. Alternatively, if you like to “shop local” in our community, we have most of the products you need in stock on our shelves at all times for you to pick up 

          We are so proud of our community and are grateful for your support. We are confident that whatever our new normal becomes, our mission to nurture the bond between you and your pet will not waver.  

          APRIL 2020


          If you are like many people, you decided that now is an ideal time to get a new puppy or dog from a breeder or shelter. Everyone in the family is home to help train, housebreak, and bond with the puppy. It seems like the perfect time, and who does not love all the snuggles that could make quarantine a little less boring and stressful.

          There are a lot of good reasons to take a pet into your household right now, but it is important to prepare your new companion for success once you and your family return to doing things like work and school outside the house. We prepared this newsletter to guide you in doing just that. Let us help prepare you for success while taking advantage of all the joy a new pet can bring.

          • Crate training is still important. Even if you are home all day, still make the crate a safe and comfortable space for your puppy and get into a routine. We recommend feeding in the crate, so the puppy associates the crate with good things. Store the toys in there when he is not confined to the crate, so he goes in willingly to retrieve his toys.
          • Practice exposing her to new sounds at a low volume like the vacuum and the garbage disposal. Practice new sounds outside too, like the garbage truck or lawn care equipment like leaf blowers. Sit outside on your front porch when landscapers are across the street or when the garbage truck comes. Offer some delicious food rewards in the presence of these new and novel sounds to ensure your puppy pairs a good association with them!
          • Teach him to quietly watch people and dogs passing by from a distance.
          • Practice positive reinforcement when in view of another dog (even while social distancing). Each time your puppy sees another dog, offer them praise and a food reward so they think other dogs mean good things!
          • Practice standing in the window and acting happy when people, dogs, cars, and trucks go by.
          • Practice having people come to the house by having another family member who lives with you ring the doorbell, knock, or slide mail through the mail slot.
          • Practice taking your puppy for a car ride around the block. Park in a parking lot for a minute and practice letting him see people walk by your car.
          • Teach him to settle down on a mat or doggie bed, sit, stay, have his feet and ears touched and inspected.
          • Practice leaving him alone several times a day by going outside in your yard or for a safe socially distant walk without him.

          When we can return to visiting with friends and family members outside of our households, remember that this will be all new to your furry friend, and new people might be intimidating.

          Take it slow and always associate that new person with a positive experience like a new toy or treat. If your dog seems nervous, do not force her to interact with your guest.

          Now would be a wonderful time to reach out to one of our most highly recommended dog trainers: At Attention Dog Training. Whether you have any questions about potty training, crate training, puppy nipping, interactions with your family, basic obedience, or more, they have been actively working with clients virtually during the pandemic.

          Here is a link to their website where you can reach out to schedule:

          Gladwyne Animal Hospital clients can use the promo code “GAH2020” for a $25 discount towards your initial consultation.

          Good luck, and we cannot wait to meet you in person with your furry friend. If you need us now, we are still here for you. During Covid-19 restrictions, you just must wait in the car while we love and care for your pet in our office.


          Many people have questions about whether their pets are at risk or pose a threat to them during this outbreak.

          We want you to know that your dogs and cats are safe. Nothing that we have learned so far suggests that dogs or cats can become ill.

          While we are still learning about this new strain of coronavirus, what we know now indicates that dogs and cats cannot become ill from this particular strain of the coronavirus. There is evidence that an infected person exposed a dog to the coronavirus in Hong Kong. This dog did not become ill, but the virus was found in his nasal passages. Because of the information learned from this case, it is appropriate to be cautious if you are diagnosed with coronavirus and realize that excessive contact with your pet could increase the risk that he may harbor coronavirus in his nasal passages. If that happens, it is unlikely but possible that he could transfer the virus to others who contact him. If you are uncertain whether your illness is coronavirus or are diagnosed with coronavirus, it is recommended that you treat your pets as you would any other people with whom you have close contact. To date, there are NO cases of dog or cat to human transmission of this virus. As with many infectious diseases, the best defense is good hygiene. Washing hands before and after excessive contact such as feeding, administering medications, grooming, and cleaning up after your pet is always a good idea.

          At GAH, in an effort to protect our clients, we have increased our already diligent cleaning protocols, especially in our common areas. We will have a no handshake and no hug zone as long as appropriate. If any member of our staff is not feeling well, they will be sent home or not come to work. We are asking that if there are any cars in our lot when you arrive, that you call us to notify us that you have arrived and wait in your car so that we may maintain social distancing as much as possible. We continue to make phone consultations available.

          At this time, we are not experiencing significant shortages of pharmaceuticals or prescription pet diets, but it is a good idea to refill medications and foods before your supply is very low.

          SUMMER 2019

          It is a happy summer here at the Gladwyne Animal Hospital. We have been privileged to welcome new members to our team and continue to look for ways to serve our community better. New faces in the hospital are at the reception desk, assisting our technicians and in the doctor appointments!

          Please join us in welcoming Brittany Benedetti at the front desk, Kelly Dyer as a technician assistant and Dr. Taylor Ross in appointments and surgery.

          Brittany joins us with years of experience working with animal shelters and rescues, fostering kittens and in customer service at Blue Mercury on the Main Line. Joining Cindy and Jess at the front desk, her smile is sure to make you feel welcome when you come in the front door.

          Kelly grew up here on the Main Line, and earned her B.A. at Millersville University. She is learning from the best here at GAH on how to be a great technician and joins us with lots of pet experience already, having groomed dogs at a salon in Manayunk. Grooming experience is a guarantee that she is long on patience and we are happy to have her calm energy in the building.

          Dr. Ross is a University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and Boston College alumna. We are thrilled to have her bringing new insights and ideas, an impressive level of clinical competence, and a bedside manner that matches our mission of nurturing the bond between people and their pets. Dr. Ross is the youngest of four sisters which are fitting as she is now the youngest doctor of our GAH family.

          With the new staff additions, we have been able to increase our hours to better accommodate our clients, opening at 7 AM most mornings and staying open until 8 PM on at least one night of the week. Our last and most exciting update of the summer is that Tara, technician extraordinaire, has become a mom! She delivered her beautiful baby girl, Evelyn James and they are happy and healthy at home with dad and dog.

          Our team energy is as hot as the 2019 summer sunshine!


          JANUARY 2019

          Happy New Year from Gladwyne Animal Hospital!

          We are very excited to announce several new services to make it easier for you to keep your pet healthy.

          You can now use an app on your smartphone to request appointments and refills. When using PetDesk to schedule appointments, your chosen time will be confirmed within 24 hours and often faster. You will get a text message to tell you when your appointments are or when your requested refills are ready to pick up. Don’t want to use your phone? You can also do this right from your desktop on our website.

          We are offering Phone Consultations with our doctors. If your pet has been seen by us within the last year, and you cannot manage to make it into the office, we are happy to schedule a phone consult with you and make recommendations if appropriate for a $40 fee. If during the call we determine that an in-person visit is needed, the phone fee will be applied to your scheduled visit fee.

          On our website, you will find an Online Pharmacy where you can order Royal Canin, Hills, and Purina Pet food, among other things, for delivery to your home. Because these are coming directly from our authorized distributors, you can rely on the safety and quality of anything that you order.

          The Pet Health Library tab on our website offers articles searchable by species and topics. These articles provide up to date, trustworthy information. Of course, if you have a question you can still always reach out to us.

          We are increasing our housecall availability. This may be perfect for you if your pet does not travel well. Housecall fees depend on travel time to your home.

          We continue to offer surgery appointments five days per week as well as office hours on Saturdays.